Amazon SNS 4.7 Design Center Configuration

Anypoint Design Center’s Flow Designer enables you to create apps visually. To use Flow Designer, work with your Anypoint Platform administrator to ensure that you have a Design environment. For more information, see the Flow Designer Tour.

To create an app in Flow Designer:

  • Configure the input source (trigger) for your app.

  • Configure the target component for your app.

For information about the connector field values, see the Amazon SNS Connector Reference.

Configure the Input Source Trigger

A trigger starts your app. You can use the HTTP Listener operation to start your app from a browser or the Scheduler to start your app on a timed schedule. Anypoint Connector for SNS (Amazon SNS Connector) does not provide trigger operations.

  1. In Design Center, click Create.

  2. Click Create new application to open Flow Designer.

  3. Specify a value for Project name, and click Create.

  4. Click Go straight to canvas to exit Let’s get started.

  5. Click on the trigger card.

  6. If you are using the HTTP Listener operation as a trigger, search for and select HTTP Listener.

  7. In the HTTP Listener’s General tab, enter the path-absolute-URL that defines the resource location.

  8. Click off the trigger card.

Design Center automatically saves all changes.

Configure the Target Component

The target component enables your app to process data received from the trigger. Amazon SNS Connector provides operations that help you integrate Amazon SNS with third party applications and services. For example, this integration enables you to create connectivity and deliver notifications and messages to SQS queues and HTTP endpoints.

  1. Click + next to the trigger card.

  2. In Select a component, search for the connector name.

  3. Select the connector name.

  4. Select an operation for the connector, such as Get Topic Attributes.

  5. If needed, specify values that are required in the General tab. For the Get Topic Attributes operation, enter the name of the Amazon resource whose properties you want to get in the Topic Arn field.

  6. Select Click here to set it up to set up other required fields.

    For the Get Topic Attributes operation, the required fields are:

    Parameter Description

    Configuration Name

    Name used to reference the configuration


    Connection type (Basic or Role)

    Access Key

    Alphanumeric text string that uniquely identifies the user who owns the account

    Secret Key

    Key that plays the role of a password

    Role ARN

    (For the Role connection type) Amazon resource name of the role used to get account access

    Session Token

    Session token provided by AWS Security Token Service (STS)

    Test Topic

    Topic used to test the connection

  7. Click Test.