Anypoint Analytics - API Consumer

From the Developer portal, you can get metrics about calls from requesting applications to APIs you own. Viewing these metrics might help you manage API traffic, troubleshoot problems, and provide information to API users. For example, the number of blocked requests is one of several metrics that can indicate the following things:

  • A network problem

  • An SLA tier is inadequate for the volume of requests the application on that tier wants to make.

If you bill organizations whose applications call your API, you can extract usage data from the metrics to justify charges.

To View API Consumer Analytics

  1. Sign into Anypoint Platform and from API Manager, choose Developer portal > My applications.

  2. Move the cursor over the Requests, Performance, or Blocked to view the plotted data for periods of time.

    On Developer portal > My applications, line graphs of these metrics appear:

    • Number of requests made to an API

    • The average latency to service a request

    • Blocked and successful calls


Consumer Metrics Reference

Graphs of API consumer data show aggregations over the following periods of time: 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month (default), or 3 months. A zero value for a time period indicates insufficient data.

API Analytics groups metrics into these categories:

  • Requests

    Requests (Y axis) to your API over time (X axis).

  • Performance

    Milliseconds (Y axis) on the average to receive and successfully complete a request over time (X axis). Requests return an HTTP code 200 or 201.

  • Blocked

    The number of requests (Y axis) blocked due to networking issues over time (X axis). Requests return an HTTP error code 4xx or 5xx.


  • API Consumer Analytics data is not saved.

  • No notifications of performance problems or blocked requests are sent.