Get Started

These settings are editable for the Home Partner (Your company in the Trading Partners Page) only.
  1. Start APM. The B2B Transactions Page appears.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Trading Partners. The Trading Partners Page appears.

    In the Name table, click the name of the Home Partner.

  1. In the Partners section of the left-hand navigation pane on the Company Information Page, click Administration.

    The Administration Page appears.

Figure 1. Administration Page

The Administration Page enables you to:

The API Key is used by any Mule application across your entire Master Organization that communicates with Anypoint Partner Manager. Therefore, before you create a new API Key, coordinate with your organization’s MuleSoft administrator to ensure that none of your organization’s processes are using an existing API Key because, if they are, creating a new API Key will cause them to cease functioning. In that case, instead of creating a new API Key, use the existing API Key.

Create a New API Key

  1. On the Administration Page, click Create a new API key.

    The API Key Warning Page appears.

Figure 2. API Key Warning Page
  1. Read the API Key Warning Page carefully.

    If, after you have read API Key Warning Page, you are sure you want to create the key, on API Key Warning Page, click Generate.

Get Environment Information

The information in the Environments section of Administration Page is required when using Partner Manager Connector.