AS2 Certificate

The AS2 Certificate Page enables you to upload an AS2 certificate for the partner you selected on the Partner Configuration Page.

Get Started

  1. Start APM. The Transaction Monitoring Page appears.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Partner Configuration. The Partner Configuration Page appears.

    To edit or add settings for your company, in the Name table, click the name of your company.

    To edit or add settings for an existing trading partner, in the Name table, click the name of the partner.

  1. In the Partners section of the left-hand navigation pane on the Company Information Page, click AS2 Certificate.

    The AS2 Certificate Page appears.

Figure 1. AS2 Certificate Page
  1. Click Choose File, then select the certificate file you want to upload.

  2. Click Upload Certificate to upload the certificate.

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