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Mule DevKit

The web has introduced thousands of new applications for business, IT, collaboration, social media, e-commerce and productivity and many of them now expose web APIs to integrate and automate the use of these applications and the data they manage.

Mule Runtime supports a growing number of Cloud Connectors but you or your customers might require connectivity to a application API which is not currently listed. To help with this, there is the Mule DevKit which guides the developer though the setup and creation of a Cloud Connector.

In addition to creating connectors, the DevKit can help you build transformers, filters, transports, and much…​ much more.

Where should I start?

Look at our Your First Cloud Connector section to get started.

Need Help?

If you need help while developing your Cloud Connector you can always visit the Forums and post your question to the community.

Reference Guide

The document includes the following sections:

  • Writing Mule Extensions explains how to code, document, and package Mule extensions using the Mule DevKit.

  • Contribute explains how the Community can help improve the Mule DevKit. The Mule DevKit project source code is open to the entire Community.

  • How the Devkit Works shows how the DevKit works under the covers.

  • Glossary provides quick reference for key terms used in this documentation.