Anypoint Exchange

Anypoint Exchange lists MuleSoft and an organization’s components that enable reuse and collaboration within your organzation. The components, known as assets, consist of examples, templates, APIs, connectors, and custom items.

You can use Exchange to add connectors, templates, and examples to Anypoint Studio, to view and test APIs, and to create API Notebooks that let you describe and test API functions.

Exchange provides three views:

  • Exchange public - Find hundreds of reusable connectors and templates provided by MuleSoft and its partners.

  • Exchange private - Find assets within your organization.

  • Exchange portal - Find API assets using a public facing portal that has been customized with your logo and brand imagery.

Screenshot - Exchange landing page

MuleSoft certifies its public content, and reviews and approves partner connectors. All private content is internal to an organization and not visible outside their organization. Customers are responsible for any private content they publish within their Exchange.

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