To Delete or Deprecate an Asset

  1. Click the Settings icon at the upper right:


  2. To permanently remove an asset, click Delete Asset.

    If you are an organization’s owner or an Exchange Administrator, you can click Deprecate to indicate a version that is no longer valid or supported that consumers still use. Deprecate lets you keep an asset available that contain older versions that are no longer supported.

  3. Confirm the action when prompted, or click Cancel to exit the prompt.


  • You can delete an asset in the first 7 days after its creation and reuse the asset’s same name, group, and version. If you delete the asset after 7 days, you can’t reuse the same name, group, and version.

  • The delete action checks for any assets that are dependent on the asset being deleted and displays a warning to prevent assets from being deleted unless all the dependencies are removed.

  • There’s no time limit on how when you can deprecate an asset.