To Explore Exchange

This document helps you explore Anypoint Exchange by performing a series of tasks.

Task 1: Create a New Asset or Listing

To upload a file:

  1. Go to the Exchange landing page.

  2. Click New and name the asset as <your name>.

  3. Select the Custom asset type.

  4. Edit the asset to add description in the Visual editor and use the Markdown editor to embed a video by copying a embed video link from YouTube (or Vimeo).

  5. Add a new page to add additional content about this asset.

  6. Publish the asset.

Expected Result: Able to create a listing and enrich content of the listing using the Visual or Markdown editor. Able to Publish the asset.

Task 2: Add Tags and Review

Review an existing asset:

  1. Go to the Exchange landing page.

  2. Find the asset you created in the Task 2.

  3. Add 1-2 tags.

  4. Go to the Exchange home page and find the asset using the tag you added.

  5. Go to the detail view of your asset. Click the star rating to review the asset.

  6. Add a review title, review text, and select/update the rating.

  7. Submit the review.

Expected Result: Able to add tags to an asset or listing, and search using tags. Able to review an asset.

Task 3: Upload an OAS Swagger API Specification

Able to upload an OAS (Swagger) API specification file.

Use this OAS JSON API Specification for this task.

  1. Select a file for a OAS 2.0 specification or use the attachment.

  2. After the asset uploads, add tags to the asset for searching.

  3. Download the file in RAML format.

  4. Download the file in OAS format.

Expected Result: Able to upload an OAS specification. Able to download the specification in either RAML or OAS format.