To Publish an Asset in Exchange

When you’re ready to publish, click: ex2-publish

If this icon is not visible, click Go To Draft.

After publishing, you can add tags, share your asset, or download a copy.

To Add Tags to Your Asset in Exchange

You can add tags to identify key aspects of your asset. Users can search for assets by tags.

A tag string can be any set of words. To choose an international character, hold the key down on your keyboard and choose from the character options that appear. Exchange converts tag names to lowercase.

  • To add a tag, click Tags > Add A Tag: ex2-add-a-tag

To Share an Asset in Exchange

Click ex2-share and choose a name from the drop-down list.

To Download an Asset in Exchange

Download lets you download a copy of the file you used to create your asset. You can only download from your organization’s assets, but not from public assets.

  • Click: ex2-icon-download

    The results vary by file type:

    • RAML or OAS: Click the down arrow: ex2-icon-download-with-arrow

      Choose the format As RAML or As OAS, and Exchange downloads the specification. If the original is in the alternate format, converts the file to your choice. The output is a zip file.

    • WSDL: Downloads your WSDL as a zip file.

    • Custom, with a file: Downloads the same format file that you uploaded, but the file name is based on your application name. For example, if you upload a .txt file for the Inventory Distribution project, Exchange downloads inventory-distribution.txt.

    • Custom without a file: The Download button does not appear.