To Change a RAML Version

Changing a RAML version cannot be done in Anypoint Exchange. Instead, you can change the RAML version either in the RAML specification itself or when you publish to Anypoint Exchange using Design Center.

From the RAML specification:

Change the version: element in your RAML specification. You can use a text editor or API Designer in the Design Center feature of Anypoint Platform. When you update the version element in the RAML specification and publish to Exchange, the publish menu automatically picks up the change from the version: element.

When you publish to Exchange:

  1. From Design Center, open your API. No changes are necessary.

  2. Click the Publish to Exchange button (ex publish to exchange button).

    apim publish api spec

  3. Change the API Version value. You can also change the Asset Version (the version of the Exchange asset).