To Download an Asset

Download lets you download a copy of the asset, or in the case of a Custom asset, the optional file attached to the asset when it was created.

Click the Download button in the task bar. Download button in the taskbar

The results vary by file type:

  • RAML: Downloads a zip file of the RAML file.

  • OAS: Click the down arrow Download button for OAS with OAS and RAML choices

    Choose the format As OAS or As RAML. If the original is in the alternate format, Exchange converts the file to your choice. OAS downloads in the original format of either JSON or YAML. A RAML downloads as a zip file.

  • WSDL: Downloads the WSDL as a WSDL file.

  • Custom, with a file: Downloads the same format file that you uploaded, but the file name is based on your application name. For example, if you upload a text file for the Inventory Distribution project, Exchange downloads inventory-distribution.txt.

  • Custom without a file: The Download button does not appear.