MQ User and Role Access

Anypoint Platform lets you manage the roles of those who administer the MQ features in Anypoint Platform for your organization.

Giving Users MQ Access Permissions

Assign User Permissions

Assign user permissions to yourself for use with MQ. These permissions let you create client applications, and destinations by creating queues and exchanges. You can use this same information to assign user permissions for others in your organization.

To assign user permissions:

  1. Log into Anypoint Platform.

  2. Click Access Management from the left navigation bar or click Access Management from the main Anypoint Platform screen:


  3. Click your username value:


  4. Click MQ and set an environment and permissions:


  5. Choose an Environment such as Production, and set Permissions from the drop-down menus. Under Permission(s), click Select All:


  6. Click the blue plus icon to save your settings: mq-blue-plus-icon

    Anypoint MQ displays the settings values:


    You can use this display to delete permissions if needed.

Creating MQ Roles

Roles let you specify an environment and access permissions for groups of users within your organization.

To create a role:

  1. Click Access Management in the left navigation bar.

    Press the Escape key on your keyboard to open and close the left navigation bar in Anypoint Platform.
  2. Click Roles and click Add role:


  3. Type the role name and description, and click Add role:


  4. Locate the name of the role in the Roles page, and click the role to configure:


  5. Click MQ, and set the environment and access permissions:


  6. Review the settings. If needed, you can delete permissions by clicking the black x or delete the role.