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To Install the Mule Runtime Buildpack

The Mule runtime buildpack is a custom Pivotal Cloud Foundry buildpack that contains an image that includes the Mule Runtime and supporting components. You can use this buildpack to deploy Mule applications and API gateways.

  1. Contact your customer representative to request the Mule runtime buildpack.

  2. Download the buildpack to your local file system.

  3. Ensure that you have installed the cf CLI command line interface.

  4. Install the buildpack in your PCF installation by running:

    cf create-buildpack <BUILDPACK_NAME> <BUILDPACK_ZIP_PATH> <POSITION> --enable

    Using the following parameters:


    The name of your buildpack must conform to the following format: mule_runtime_buildpack_<runtime_version_number>


    The local path to your buildpack


    Specifies the buildpack’s position in the priority list. In general, this value should be 1.


    Allows you to push applications using this buildpack

    For example, the command you run should be similar to the following:

    cf create-buildpack mule_runtime_buildpack_3_8_1 mule-runtime-buildpack-3.8.1.zip 1 --enable

Buildpacks are installed globally. You can have multiple buildpacks installed. When deploying Mule applications, you can select which buildpack to use.

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