Workflow: Install and Verify Prerequisites

This topic describes the workflow for verifying that your system is ready to install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition.

  1. Contact your Mulesoft account representative to obtain a product license.

  2. Review the minimum system requirements described in About Minimum System Requirements.

    If your system does not meet all of the minimum system requirements, you cannot install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition.
  3. Understand the basics of Docker and Kubernetes.

    Although the installation wizard makes it easy for you to install the platform without interacting with either Docker or Kubernetes, it is important to be familiar with how these work for managing and troubleshooting the platform.

  4. (Optional) Create a Virtual Machine

    If you are installing Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition in a virtual environment using VMWare, see To Create a Virtual Machine Using VMWare

  5. Verify your disk and network performance.

    Before running the Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition installer, ensure that your disk and network performance meets the minimum requirements. See To Verify System Requirements for tips on how to complete this prerequisite.

  6. Enable forwarding when using firewalld

    If you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), 7.3 using firewalld, you must enable forwarding as described in To Enable Forwarding When Using firewalld

After installing and verifying these prerequisites, you are ready to perform the installation. See Workflow: Install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition for more information.