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About the Mule Configuration File Editor

The Mule Config File Editor is the main editor in Anypoint Studio.
It contains three tabs which offer different ways to interface with your application:

  • The Message Flow tab.

mule config file editor concept dce43

Contains the canvas in which you can see a visual representation of your flows. You can drag and drop Event Processors from the Mule Palette into the canvas to add them to your flow.
Clicking an Event Processor in the canvas opens up the Mule Properties View with the attributes for the selected processor, allowing you to edit them.

  • The Global Elements tab

mule config file editor concept 934c6

Contains the global Mule configuration elements for your modules.
In this tab you can create, edit or delete configuration files.

  • The Configuration XML tab

mule config file editor concept 15bb5

Contains the XML of your Mule Application.
All changes that you apply here is reflected in the canvas and the Properties View of your Event processors in the Message Flow tab.

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