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About Editors, Views, and Perspectives

An Editor in Anypoint Studio is a visual component used to design and edit a resource. They allow you to edit:

  • Mule configuration files.

  • API definitions.

  • Properties files.

  • A pom.xml file to handle dependencies.

Views in Studio are also visual components, and they show a graphical representation of project metadata, or display properties for the active editor.
For example, the package explorer view presents a graphical representation of the folders and files associated with your Mule project, and the Mule Properties view presents a graphical representation of a component selected in your Studio canvas.

Other popular views in Studio are:

  • Console

  • Error Log

  • Mule Palette

  • Package Explorer

  • Mule Properties

  • Mule Debugger

A Perspective in Studio is a collection of Views and Editors in a given arrangement.
The default Studio perspective is the Mule Design Perspective. Studio comes also bundled with a Mule Debug Perspective.

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