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Run a Test Immediately

You can run a test on demand without waiting for the current interval of its schedule to elapse. Doing so does not reset the schedule, which continues to run at previously set intervals.

Before You Begin

Because you are running the test outside of a schedule, you must select the location from which to run it. If you want to run it in the same location as that used by the schedule, you can click the Schedules tab to look at the schedule and see at a glance the location that it uses.


  1. Select the monitor for which you want to run a test on demand.

  2. Click the Tests tab to see the list of test versions.

  3. Click the Run Now icon for the test version that you want to run.

  4. In the Run Versioned Test dialog, select the location and environment in which you want to run the test.

  5. Click Run Now.


The test runs immediately and the results are displayed. The current interval in the associated schedule continues to elapse.

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