To Add an API Alert

  1. Deploy an API version from the API Administration or API Version details page.

    For example, download the RAML from the Downloads section of this document. Create the API based on the RAML and deploy the API to CloudHub.

  2. On the API Administration page, select Alerts.

  3. Click Add Alert and set the alert options:

    • Name: Type an alert name, for example red-alert.

    • Enabled: Accept the default, Enabled, for example.

    • Severity: Accept the default, Critical.

    • Api: Select the name of an API. For example, jsonplaceholderapi.

    • Api verison: Select a version. For example, 1.0.development.

    • Alert type: Select Request Count, for example.

    • When number of occurrences are: Select Greater.

    • than: Select 1.

    • For at least: Select an entry in the range 1 - 999999999 to specify the time intervals as a sliding windows.

    • Recipients: Select the names of users in your business group, or type the email addresses, of users who will receive notification when the alert fires. Press RETURN.


  4. Click Submit.

  5. On the API version details page, in Status, click the CloudHub URL for the API.

    Resource not found appears.

  6. Add /users to the URL, press Return, and check that the list of users appears.

  7. Reload the page two more times, and check that API calls exceeded appears if you performed the last three steps within the 1 minute period. Any additional page reload operations within the 1 minute period have no effect.

  8. Check that selected users receive email notifications that requests exceeded the alert threshold and that the alert was resolved.


Download the RAML for creating an API that consumes a REST service JSONPlaceholder.

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