API Manager User Guide

API Manager manages APIs from various sources:

  • Studio-based APIs

    API Manager can discover and register a Mule app deployed from Studio without user intervention.

  • APIs originating in API Manager

    You can register the name you want to use for an API and build it from the ground up in API Manager.

  • Externally created APIs

    You can import a Mule app and register it as an API in API Manager.

After registering an API in API Manager, you can use API Manager tools for deployment, analysis, management, publication, and more.

This guide includes how to design, develop, and manage APIs in Anypoint Platform using tools that you access from API Manager:

  • API Designer, the custom environment for defining an API in RAML

  • An analytics dashboard (, one or more charts that display metrics for the APIs registered in your organization

  • API portal tools for publishing your API and related information, such as documentation

  • API Notebook (, a versatile interactive JavaScript programming environment that you can embed in an API portal to demonstrate calls to an API for example

  • API Console that you can use with API Designer to simulate calls to the API

The User Guide describes features that might not be visible or accessible to you, depending on the entitlements you purchased.