Creating an API in Anypoint Platform

Creating an API in Anypoint Platform involves naming and allocating an API Manager space for the software. You can create an API in Anypoint Platform in the following ways:

  • Using API Manager

  • Using auto-discovery

    Auto-discovery enables API management from Anypoint Platform on the application HTTP endpoint by registering the Mule app in Anypoint Platform. Registration occurs without user intervention.

Regardless of the way you create the API, you need an Anypoint Platform account. If you set up your own account in Anypoint Platform, you are assigned the Organization Administrators role. In this role, you see API Manager when you log into Anypoint Platform.

After creating an API, the API is registered in API Manager and you can perform many management tasks, including these:

  • Applying policies

  • Enhancing the RAML using API Designer

  • Creating a portal for the API to engage users

  • Deleting an API from Anypoint Platform

Naming and Registering the API

To create a new API using API Manager, click Add New API from the API Administration page.


In the Add API dialog, enter a Name, Version, and brief Description of the API, then click Add API. This action registers the API in API Manager.

The name cannot exceed 42 characters in length. In the master organization, the conjunction of the API name and version must be unique. If you use business groups, the name must be unique within all your business groups and the master organization.

If you plan to deploy the API on CloudHub, observe CloudHub naming conventions.

Anypoint Platform uses the name and version to create an administrative command center for your API, called the API version details page in this document.

Creating a New Version for an API

You can have multiple versions of the same API existing in parallel, as described in "Managing API Versions". You can base a version on the existing API or on an imported API.

Importing and Exporting an API

If you want to migrate or copy an existing API Version, you can export the existing API to a .zip file and then import it into a new API Version.

To import an API:

  1. From the Anypoint Platform home page, click API Manager.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow in Add Version, and select Import.

  3. Browse for and select the .zip file that was exported from Anypoint Platform.

To export an API version, on the API version details page, select Export version from the drop-down next to the version name.


Deleting an API

On the API Administration page, hover and click in the version area. Click the trash icon that appears in the API information area on the right.