To Test an Alert (Nov 2017 and Jul 2017)

This procedure describes how to test a request count alert. This procedure requires the following preparation:

  1. Design an API.

  2. If you use the Nov 2017 API Manager, perform these steps; otherwise, skip these steps and go straight to deployment.

    • Publish the API to Exchange.

    • In API Manager, manage the API from Exchange.

  3. Deploy a proxy of the API instance (Nov 2017) or version (Jul 2017) to CloudHub.

  4. Apply the Rate Limiting Policy to the API as follows: Request Count greater than 1 for at least 1 consecutive minute.

  5. Add the alert described in the topic about how to add an alert.

  6. Call the API.

  7. Recall the API two more times (reload the page). Check that API calls exceeded appears if you called and recalled the API within the 1 minute period. Any additional page reload operations within the 1 minute period have no effect.

  8. Check that users, who you selected for email notification when you added the alert, actually receive email notifications.

  9. Check that the alert was resolved.

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