Manage API Access Requests

After you define an SLA for an API, you can approve or revoke access requests from app developers. This action binds consumption of the application to an SLA. If a developer requests access to your API at a higher SLA tier than you want to approve, you can override the request by applying another SLA tier.

To manage API access requests to SLA-managed APIs:

Assume you defined SLAs for the API and an app requests access to the Premium SLA tier of the API from its portal.

  1. On the API version details page, on the Applications tab, click the name of the SLA tier below Requested SLA tier. For example, click Premium.

    A drop-down of available SLAs appear.

  2. Select the SLA tier you want to apply to the app.

  3. Click Approve or Reject to grant or deny access.


    A Revoke button for revoking access replaces Approve, Reject, and Delete buttons.