Set Up an API

You can set up an API on Anypoint Platform in one of the following ways:

  • Using API Manager to define a name and version

  • Using API Manager to import an API that was exported from API Manager

  • Configuring API auto-discovery on the API to register it with API Manager

To set up the API for this tutorial, use API Manager to define a name and version.

To define a name and version:

  1. From the Anypoint Platform main screen or left navigation bar, click API Manager.

    The API Administration page appears, listing the names of APIs, if there are any, that you are authorized to see.

  2. Click Add new API.

  3. Enter the following name, version, and brief description of your API.

    • API name: T-Shirt Ordering Service

    • Version name: 1.0.development

    • Description: This API supports T-Shirt ordering applications.


      Specifying a URL of the site that will host the API is not required at this point.

  4. Click Add.

    The API version details page, which looks something like this, appears:


Some controls on the API version details page might not be visible or accessible to you, depending on entitlements you purchased.

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