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About API Manager

API Manager is a component of Anypoint Platform for designing, building, managing, and publishing APIs. Anypoint Platform uses Mule as its core runtime engine. You can use API Manager on a public cloud, such as CloudHub, a private cloud, or hybrid. Hybrid is a product for managing servers.

Sign up to use Anypoint Platform on the internet ( or private cloud, or obtain credentials from your administrator. If you set up your own account in Anypoint Platform, you are assigned the Organization Administrators role. In this role, you see and can open API Manager when you log into Anypoint Platform. Alternatively, you can use the Anypoint Platform command line interface (CLI) to interact with API Manager.

The life cycle of an API involves setup and deployment, management, and engaging users on an API Portal. To perform these tasks, you might need to obtain permissions and roles from the Anypoint Platform administrator for your organization.

The following diagram depicts the workflow, color-coding tasks as follows:

  • Administrative task (orange)

  • API or app developer task (blue)


You can use the Autodiscovery process to register and start a Mule app. API Manager can discover and register a Mule app deployed from Studio without user intervention.

You can deploy an API implementation to a Mule Runtime that runs on a server, such as CloudHub in the public cloud. You can also deploy to a private cloud or hybrid. Hybrid deployment is an API deployed on a private server but having metadata processed in the public cloud. Regardless of the server location, each server belongs to an environment, such as Dev, Test, or Production. Servers are defined in business groups and each business group can have multiple environments. You publish your API on the portal and apps request access, as depicted in the following diagram.


Some features might not be visible or accessible to you, depending on the entitlements you purchased.

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