To Configure the Auto-Discovery XML Element (Mule 4)

In Mule 4, the apiId and a reference to the API’s main flow identify the API. The main flow is where the HTTP listener is defined. The apiId in Mule 4 replaces the API Name and API Version used to specify auto-discovery in releases before Mule 4.

Mule 4 relies on Crowd (API Manager v2) type organizations to bind to an API Manager instance. This does not work for customers on a pre-Crowd release.

  1. On the API administration dashboard, expand the API version name to display the instances.

    instances jsonplaceholder
  2. Click an instance name.

    The API ID appears.

    api id
  3. Use the following syntax to specify the apiId in the configuration.xml:

    <api-gateway:autodiscovery apiId="${}" flowRef="proxy" />