To Grant Permission to Access Environments

A permission called API Manager Environment Administrator gives users full access to API Manager operations inside environments. API Manager environment administrator only relates to actions inside of API Manager.

This procedure describes how to grant this permission. In summary, first you make the user a member of a role that supports this permission. Some very limited roles don’t make sense to assign the responsibilty of API Manager environment administration. You select the appropriate role, the API Manager category of permissions, and then add the permission per environment from the Environment and Permission dropdowns in Access Management:

environment permissions dropdowns
  1. In Access Management > Roles, select a role from the list of roles defined for your organization.

    In Permissions, the following categories of permissions you can grant to the selected role appear:

    • APIs

    • API Manager

    • Runtime Manager

    • Data Gateway

    • Design Center

      If these categories do not appear, the role you selected doesn’t support granting these types of permissions. Select a different role.

  2. Select API Manager.

  3. In Environment, click inside the text entry box.

    A list of environments defined for your organization appears.

  4. Select an environment.

  5. In Permissions, select API Manager Environment Administration.

  6. Select blue plus.

  7. Repeat the last three steps to grant permission to multiple environments:

    • In Environment, select another environment.

    • In Permissions, select API Manager Environment Administration.

    • Select blue plus.

      environment permissions

Now, you can do the following things:

  • Create and modify your APIs as well as modifying those created by others

  • Apply policies

  • Define SLAs

  • Create alerts