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To Add Logic to the Project

For example purposes, add over-simplified logic to the project to use later in API Manager. Unlike the APIkit-generated flows, the flow you create during this procedure returns a result, a payload message, when you call the API from a browser.

  1. Drag an HTTP component to the canvas.

    Studio creates a flow named apiFlow by default.

  2. In the apiflow, select the HTTP Connector to open its properties editor.

  3. Click Edit-16x16 to edit the Connector Configuration global configuration element.

  4. Change the value of the Base Path as follows:


  5. Click OK.

  6. In the properties editor, change the Path setting from / to /test-policy.

  7. Drag a Set Payload component to the process area of apiFlow.

  8. Set the Value of the payload to test policy.

  9. Save the changes.