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To Run and Test the Project

  1. Right-click the project name in the Project Explorer, then select Run As > Mule Application.

    The APIkit Console appears below the canvas, displaying the resource-action pairs exposed by the API.

  2. Click Introduction under DOCUMENTATION to view the API description.

    The main Introduction title and sentence map to the contents of documentation in the root section of the RAML file.

  3. Click /machines to expand the section. Expand GET: /machines, then click the tab labeled Try It.

    The baseURI is optional in a RAML-backed API, but required by the API Console Try It functionality; otherwise, Try-it is disabled.

    fv 601

    In the RAML, you can use an arbitrary value, for example for the baseURI.

  4. Click the GET button to send a test call to GET a list of machines.

    apikitt get
  5. The API returns a list of machines.

    The output is the payload set on the message by the get:/machines:apiConfig flow.

      "count": 3,
      "machines": [
          "id": "ZX4102",
          "location": "Starbuck's, 442 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102"
          "id": "ZX5322",
          "location": "Starbuck's, 462 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102"
          "id": "ZX6792",
          "location": "Cafe La Taza, 470 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102"

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