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Create a JSON Example Using a Text Editor

This procedure is part of the workflow that generates a Mule flow from the API specification.

After creating the api.raml file in a text editor instead of Design Center, you need to also create a dependent JSON example file. The API specification will include the example.

Enter the following code into a text editor and save it as user-example.json in the same directory as the RAML file:

              "id": 1,
              "name": "Leanne Graham",
              "username": "Bret",
              "email": "",
              "address": {
                "street": "Kulas Light",
                "suite": "Apt. 556",
                "city": "Gwenborough",
                "zipcode": "92998-3874",
                "geo": {
                  "lat": "-37.3159",
                  "lng": "81.1496"
              "phone": "1-770-736-8031 x56442",
              "website": "",
              "company": {
                "name": "Romaguera-Crona",
                "catchPhrase": "Multi-layered client-server neural-net",
                "bs": "harness real-time e-markets"
              } }]