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To Update a WSDL

In this procedure, you regenerate SOAP flows. After modifying a WSDL, such as adding an operation or editing a message, regeneration is required. Because modifying a WSDL is error-prone, before making a change, make a backup, change the attribute, and verify that the change worked.

To update a WSDL file:

  1. Download

  2. Copy the entire contents of the downloaded file.

  3. In Studio, right-click src/main/resources/api/tshirt2.wsdl, and select Open With > Test Editor.

  4. Replace the contents in tshirt2.wsdl with the clipboard contents.

  5. In Package Explorer, right-click src/main/resources/api/tshirt2.wsdl and select Mule > Generate Flows From WSDL.

    generate flows from wsdl

    A new flow named DeleteOrder:api-config appears.

    generate sources

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