To Customize the API Console URL

This procedure explains how to customize the URL for browser-based API Console. To use the mocking server and simulate calls to the API, you need API Console. If you do not customize the URL for API Console, you open a browser, and go to /console.

  1. In Studio, select the Configuration XML tab.

  2. Change the console path in the path attribute in this part of the code:

    <flow name="api-console">
        <http:listener config-ref="httpListenerConfigDefault" path="/console/*">
            <http:response statusCode="#[vars.httpStatus default 200]">
                <http:headers>#[vars.outboundHeaders default {}]</http:headers>
        <apikit:console config-ref="api-config" />
  3. Change the host and port by editing the listener-config.

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