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To Start an APIkit Project

In this procedure, you import the RAML into Studio that you created in Design Center or in a text editor.

  1. In Studio, click File > New > Mule Project. In Project Settings, set the following options:

    • Project Name: Type any name, for example, myproject.

    • In API Implementation, check Specify API Definition File Location or URL option.

    • In Location, do one of the following:

      • Select Design Center if you created api.raml in Design Center. Login to Anypoint Platform if necessary, and select api.raml.

        import dc api
      • Alternatively, if you didn’t create the RAML in Design Center, select Browse Files.

        import browse api

        Browse to and select the api.raml that you created in a text editor.

  2. Accept the other default options, and click Finish.

    The api.raml and the included user-example.json file are imported into the project.

    When you finish, Studio launches the new project and generates a Main flow with an HTTP Listener, an APIkit Router, and error handling. Backend flows for consuming information from the users and usersbyid resources appear.

    files in apimain

    The api.raml and user-example.json file appear in src/main/resources/api.

    files in src-main-resources

Now, you are ready to run the API.