Anypoint Connector Examples

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DevKit is compatible only with Studio 6 and Mule 3. To build Mule 4 connectors, see the Mule SDK documentation.

The set of example connectors provided with Anypoint™ Connector DevKit documentation illustrates a range of concepts and techniques to apply when building connectors for a variety of use cases. This document summarizes the available example connectors and what topics each one illustrates.


This document assumes that you are familiar with:

To work with these samples, create a development environment with the instructions in [Setting Up an DevKit Development Environment].

Connector Examples

Connector Example Description


Barn Connector

A simple custom connector.


OAuth1 Example Connector

A simple connector to Dropbox that implements OAuth1.


Java Client Library Example Connector

Official MuleSoft Twitter connector based on the widely used, unofficialtwitter4j client library.


SOAP Service Example Connector with CXF

The de facto standard for building and consuming SOAP web services.


Example Connector to RESTful Service with Jersey Client

Flexible access to any RESTful API.

@RESTCall Annotations

Example Connector using RESTCall Annotations

DevKit’s built-in client for simple RESTful APIs.

See Also

  • Add DataSense (design-time metadata awareness) to your connector.

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