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DevKit is compatible only with Studio 6 and Mule 3. To build Mule 4 connectors, see the Mule SDK documentation.

When a connector does not use authentication, you can use @Connector with @Configuration.

@Configuration adds a set of @Configurable fields to your connector as a connector configuration.


This document assumes you are familiar with the Anypoint Connector DevKit and you are ready to implement a configuration in your connector.

@Configuration Annotation

To implement a @Configuration on your Connector, create a new class and annotate it with @Configuration.

The following table describes the parameters for the @Configuration annotation:

Parameter Description Required? Default Value


Defines the name that is going to be displayed in the connector configuration pop up.



Ensure these instance variables have public getters and setters (not shown).

@Connector(name = "connector")
public class MyConnector
   private ConnectorConfiguration strategy;

 * Processors

@Configuration(friendlyName="Foo Configuration")
public class ConnectorConfiguration
   private String property;

   private String anotherProperty;

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