WSDL Operation Filtering

DevKit is compatible only with Studio 6 and Mule 3. To build Mule 4 connectors, see the Mule SDK documentation.


For a particular ServiceDefinition, the developer is able to filter out (that is, hide from the connector user) individual operations that are declared in the WSDL file.

This filtering is necessary in order to exclude login/logout operations from the operations dropdown exposed to the application developer.


The set of excluded operations must be listed in the ServiceDefinition, so the operations that should be off-limits to the application developer are effectively ignored by DevKit in the metadata key retrieval process.

    public ServiceDefinition getServiceDefinition() {
           ServiceDefinition service = new DefaultServiceDefinition(
                          "ServiceId", "tshirt", "tshirt.wsdl","TshirtService","TshirtServicePort");

           service.setExclusions(Arrays.asList("login", "logout"));

            // Exclusions can also be set as:
            // service.excludeOperation("myUnwantedOp");

            return service;

Metadata keys that match the excluded operations are removed before metadata keys are returned through invocation of getMetaDataKeys().

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