About Salesforce APIs

The Salesforce connector executes API calls that target Salesforce APIs. The API calls use an XML request/response over an HTTPS connection. All required request headers, error handling, and HTTPS connection configurations are built into the connector.

Salesforce exposes operations that address Salesforce integration patterns through several APIs. Note that the Salesforce connector does not expose all possible operations of these Salesforce APIs.

About the Salesforce SOAP API

The Salesforce SOAP API provides secure access to your organization’s information on Salesforce through SOAP calls. Most of the operations that the Salesforce connector performs map to operations that this API exposes.

All Salesforce operations that are performed through the SOAP API have an optional parameter called Headers that can take any of the following Salesforce SOAP Headers:

  • AllOrNoneHeader

  • AllowFieldTruncationHeader

  • AssignmentRuleHeader

  • CallOptions

  • EmailHeader

  • LocaleOptions

  • MruHeader

  • OwnerChangeOptions

  • QueryOptions

  • UserTerritoryDeleteHeader

  • DuplicateRuleHeader

The Salesforce connector does not perform operations exposed by these Salesforce APIs:

  • Chatter REST API

  • Tooling API

About the Salesforce Bulk API

The Salesforce Bulk API offers the ability to quickly and securely load batches of your organization’s data into Salesforce. 

About the Salesforce Streaming API

The Salesforce Streaming API securely receives notifications for changes to your organization’s information in Salesforce.

In a Mule app, you can receive events associated with changes to Salesforce data that match a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) query that you define. The connector converts the Salesforce events to Mule events and dispatches them to your flows.

About the Salesforce Metadata API

The Salesforce Metadata API manages customizations and build tools that can manage the metadata model, rather than the data itself.

About the Salesforce Apex SOAP API

The Salesforce Apex SOAP API exposes Apex class methods as custom SOAP Web service calls. This allows an external application to invoke an Apex Web service to perform an action in Salesforce.

About the Salesforce Apex REST API

The Salesforce Apex REST API lets you create your own REST-based web services using Apex. It uses the REST architecture, provides the ability to define custom logic, and includes automatic argument/object mapping.