About Creating Objects in Bulk (Salesforce Connector)

The Create and Create Bulk operations for the Salesforce operation are similar. However, for all bulk operations, Salesforce handles the creation process in the background, so the connector does not reply with a collection of SaveResults because it does not have them yet. Instead, the connector replies with a BatchInfo object, which contains the ID of the batch and the ID of the job it creates to upload those objects.

Note that you can monitor a Bulk API batch in Salesforce through Job ID for the Bulk Data Load Jobs. The job detail page in Salesforce includes a related list of all the batches for the job. The related list provides View Request and View Response links for each batch. If the batch is a CSV file, the links return the request or response in CSV format. If the batch is an XML file, the links return the request or response in XML format. These links are available for batches created in Salesforce API version 19.0 and later.

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