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Example: To publish and listen messages through the VM Connector

This procedure shows how to publish a message that is received in a different flow.

  1. Define a flow with a <vm:listener> as a message source, for example:

    <vm:config name="vm">
            <vm:queue queueName="myQueue" queueType="PERSISTENT" />
    <flow name="listener">
       <vm:listener queueName="myQueue" config-ref="vm" />
       <flow-ref name="yourIntegrationLogic"/>
  2. Feed messages into the newly created queue.

    For example, assume that a flow is triggered by an HTTP request with a JSON payload and that you want to extract the body attribute of that JSON object and publish it to the queue:

        <flow name="publish">
            <http:listener path="/json-here" allowedMethods="POST" config-ref="httpListener" />
            <vm:publish queueName="myQueue">

    In this example, you can see:

    • The publish operation references the queue created in the config.

    • The content parameter allows you to use DataWeave to build the value to send (without having side effects on the message). Note that if you do not not specify a content, the entire payload will be sent.

    • The publish operation is one-way. Once the message is posted into the queue, the flow continues. The processing on the listening side happens asynchronously. You do not receive a notification about its outcome.

    • The queueName specified in the publish operation must have a matching <vm:listener> element that points to the same queue. If you attempt to publish to a queue for which no listener exists, an error will be raised. This behavior prevents message loss caused by sending messages into a queue that nobody is listening to.

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