To Use Workday in Design Center


The Workday Connector facilitates connections between Mule integration and Workday applications.

What’s New in this Connector

Support for Mule 4 has been added.

To Connect in Design Center

  1. In Design Center, click Set Up > Upload, browse for and select the driver for this connector on your file system, and upload it. Alternatively, search for and select a driver that is already uploaded.

  2. Click a trigger. You can create a global element by selecting this connector as they trigger. If a global element is not needed, you can use an HTTP Listener or Scheduler trigger.

  3. To create an HTTP global element for the connector, set these fields:

    1. Protocol: Protocol selected for the http endpoint, it can be http or https (secure).

    2. Host: IP address where the Mule application listen for requests.

    3. Port: Port address where the Mule application listen for requests.

    4. Base Path: path where the Mule application listen for requests.

  4. Select the plus sign to add a component.

  5. Select the connector as a component.

  6. Configure the Global element for the connector:

    Field Description


    Enter the username to log in with.


    Enter the corresponding password.

    Tenant Name

    Enter the Workday Tenant ID. It usually has the suffix pt_1 appended to it, such as acme_pt1.

    Host Name

    Enter the host name of one of Workday’s Cloud Servers. Default value:

    Custom Transport

    Connection Idle Timeout and Response Timeout, and set up a proxy connection.

See Also

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