Database - Design Center Configuration - Mule 4

Design Center enables you to create apps visually using Flow Designer. To use Flow Designer, work with your Anypoint Platform administrator to ensure that you have a Design environment. For more information, see the Flow Designer Tour.

To create an app in Flow Designer:

  • Configure the input source (trigger) for your app.

  • Add the connector as a component to process the input for the app.

For information on field values, see the Database Connector Documentation Reference.

Configure the Trigger

  1. In Design Center, click Create.

  2. Click Create new application.

  3. Specify a value for Project name.

  4. Exit from Let’s get started by clicking Go straight to canvas.

  5. Click the name of the trigger card.

  6. If you are using your connector as an input source trigger, search for the connector; otherwise, search for HTTP or Scheduler.

  7. Complete the fields with the values you want to configure for your trigger.

Configure the Target Component

  1. Click + to the right of the trigger card.

  2. In Select a component, search for the connector name.

  3. Select the connector name.

  4. Select an an operation for the connector.

  5. Enter values that are required (marked with a red bar at the start of the field in the user interface.

  6. View other tabs for required fields.

  7. Specify access information to the connector resource.

  8. If a Test button is available, click it to test the connection.