About Design Center

The Design Center is a web-based editor that forms part of the Anypoint Platform. To access this tool, you need to have an Anypoint Platform account with permissions that allow you to create and manage APIs and/or applications.

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Through the Design Center, you can build applications and API definitions that enable connectivity throughout your application network. By combining and configuring existing components, you can compose solutions without needing to understand the underlying architecture and technical concepts of each of these components.

Create Applications

You can build fully functional Mule applications. These can then run in the cloud, where they can perform a wide variety of tasks that may involve interfacing with other services and databases, data conversion, etc. These tasks may be carried out on demand or by schedule, depending on how you build your applications.

For example, you can create an application that listens for HTTP requests on a given address, validates those requests that have the necessary credentials, queries a user database based on these credentials, transforms output data from the database into JSON objects, and finally sends this data back to the requestors.

Create API Specs or Fragments

Design Center features a RAML editor for authoring and sharing RAML specifications. The editor supports the Open API Specification (OAS) 2.0. When you import an OAS specification, it is converted to RAML. Within the editor you can share specifications by uploading or downloading items from Exchange. You can export specifications from Design Center and import them into Anypoint Studio, or you can import them into another project in Design Center.

Using the mocking service, you can simulate calls to the API. You can test that the HTTP methods in the specification return the example responses you expect.

Design Center supports the reuse of API fragments and organizes dependencies.