Arrange Cards to Build a Flow (Design Center)

Flows are composed of components that are chained together, where each component sends its output to the next component. Each of these components is represented in Design Center as a card.

Each flow must have a trigger that executes the flow. The flow can be triggered from an outside event (like an HTTP request) or by a Scheduler that schedules the flow to execute at a certain time. As an exception to this rule, a flow that is meant to be referenced by another doesn’t need to have its own trigger.

Add a component

  • To add a first component to your flow, select from the menu that appears when you first create the flow.

  • To add a component in the next position of your flow, click on the plus sign that’s at the end arrange cards flow design center e256e, then select a component.

  • To add a component between two existing ones, hover over the arrow in between arrange cards flow design center d6a6a to reveal a plus sign and click it, then select a component.

Some tips for navigating the list of components:

  • You can use the search box to find a component by name.

  • A dropdown menu on the top lets you filter through categories of components.

  • Click the information icon arrange cards flow design center 014d5 for a component. This icon is displayed when hovering over a component when applicable. It links to the Exchange page for the connector, where you can learn more about it.

Working with Scopes

Scopes like Try and For Each can be added to your flow like any other component. These scopes do not perform any actions on their own, they’re buckets in which you can place other components. By adding components inside a scope, their behavior is affected by the scope.

To add a component inside a scope, click the plus sign arrange cards flow design center e256e that appears inside the scope.

You can add as many components as you want inside a single scope, you can also nest scopes inside other scopes.

Reorder Components

You can change the order in which the components in your flow are executed without losing its configurations. To change the order, you drag the components and drop them onto another position in the flow.