To Change the Target Output of a Transformation (Design Center)

By default, the Transform component directs output to the payload of the Mule message object. You can change the target of the transformation to a variable or attribute if you use Transform instead of DataWeave through the Map control of a field you are editing.

This procedure changes the target output of a transformation to an attribute:

  1. In Transform, in Output Payload, in the default-selected payload, click Edit Transformation.

    edit transformation
  2. In Edit Transformation, select a type: Attributes, Payload, or Vars. For example, select Attributes, and Save.

    In Output Attributes, the otherThing attribute and suggested type, number?, appears.


The output of the flow is now set to otherThing.

This procedure changes the target output of a transformation to a variable. This procedure assumes you set up a custom data type of type string in JSON format.

  1. Click Edit Transformation again, and in Type, select Vars.

  2. In Name, type a name for the variable, for example, foo, and Save.

  3. In the middle of the output pane, click Set Data Type.

  4. Select the custom string data type in JSON format that you set up earlier.

  5. Select Script, and replace null with the following script:

    %dw 2.0
    output application/java
    "my script"
  6. Select Mappings.

  7. Select Output Vars - Foo > Edit Transformation.

    output vars
  8. In Type, select Payload, and Save.

    The target output of the payload changes to "my script".

To remove the output attributes or variables:

In the Output pane, click trash.

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