To Change the Target Output of a Transformation (Design Center)

By default, the Transform component directs output to the payload of the Mule message object. You can change the target of the transformation to a variable or attribute if you do not use DataWeave through the Map control of a field you are editing.

  1. In Transform, In Output Payload, select Add Transformation.

    output payload
  2. In Type, select Attributes or Vars.

  3. Click Create.

  4. If you create a variable, type a name for it.

    This action opens a new transformation that sends output to the new target. The graphical, script, and preview view corresponds to the new transformation.

  5. Click Set Data Type to set a data type for the attributes or variable.

To remove the transformation that sends output to the Payload:

  1. In Output, select Attributes or Variable.

  2. Click Trash Can.