To Import an OAS

Requires November 2017 Release

In this procedure, you bring an existing Open API Specification (OAS), also known as Swagger design, into Design Center. You can import an OAS ZIP or JSON file from your file system or from a URL. The importation converts the OAS to RAML.

  1. Validate the OAS document you plan to import using the validator at the following URL:

  2. In Anypoint Platform, click Design Center. Set up a project to create a new API specification:

    • In Projects, click Create. Select API Specification.

    • In New API Specification, type a name for your new project. For example, type oastest.

    • Click Create.

  3. Click Files > Import.

  4. Click Choose OAS URL, browse to and select the URL of an OAS specification. For example, enter the following URL:

  5. Click Import.

    A swagger.raml file appears in Files.

  6. Select swagger.raml to view the converted code in the editor.

    The RAML version of the OAS specification appears in the editor.

  7. Turn on the Mocking Service, and click the hamburger menu.

    A simulation of the pet store example appears in Design Center.

    pet store example

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