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To Import a RAML

Requires November 2017 Release

In this procedure, you bring an existing RAML into Design Center from the internet or your file system. If the RAML includes other files, such as a JSON example, compress the RAML and other files and import the ZIP file.

  1. In Anypoint Platform, click Design Center. Set up a project to create a new API specification:

    • In Projects, click Create. Select API Specification.

    • In New API Specification, type a name for your new project. For example, type ramlImport.

    • Click Create.

  2. Click Files > Import.

    files import

  3. Choose RAML if the RAML, JSON, or ZIP file is on your file system, or choose RAML URL if the file is online.

  4. Browse to and select a file in RAML, JSON, or ZIP format.

    A file appears in Files in the case of a single file, or in a folder if you imported multiple files.

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