To Manage API Revisions Using Branches

Requires November 2017 Release

Use branching to revise an API as described in this procedure. The branching process actually forks a project. You cannot merge branched projects.

  1. In Anypoint Platform, click Design Center, and in Projects, select an existing API Specification or API Fragment project.

    The master branch of the project opens by default.

  2. Click master.

    If you haven’t created any branches of the project, the dropdown lists only master.

    Master dropdown
  3. Type the name of a child branch. For example, type v1.

    The v1 branch copy of the master branch loads. You obtain the lock for the branch.

  4. Make your version 1 revisions.

  5. Click master.

  6. Type the name of another child branch. For example, type v2.

  7. Make your version 2 revisions.

  8. Exit the project exit project.

  9. In the list of projects, select the same API Specification or API Fragment project to open it.

  10. Click master.

    The dropdown lists the versions of the project that you created and can now select for editing.

    v1 dropdown

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