To Remove or Update a Dependency

Requires November 2017 Release

  1. In Design Center, select an API Fragment project that you want to revise.

  2. In the RAML editor, make a revision.

  3. Click Publish to Exchange Publish to Exchange icon.

  4. In Publish API Fragment to Exchange, increase the Asset Version. Expand Advanced.

    The group ID and asset ID, which is the unique name of the fragment in Exchange, appears below the version field:

  5. Accept the default asset ID or type a new one.

  6. Publish the fragment and return to the list of projects.

  7. In Projects, select the API Specification project that includes the unrevised version 1.0.0.

  8. Click Dependencies.

  9. Select the name of the unrevised fragment, and select Remove or Change Version.

    change remove version

    If you select Change Version, choose the updated version you want to take effect.

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