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To Export an API from Design Center

You can export an API for use in another tool, or to store the API outside Anypoint Platform. For example, you can export an API from Design Center and work on the file using API Workbench on a local computer. The file must contain a RAML 1.0 (only) API specification. You can import the zip file back into Design Center or Studio. You can also export the specification, subject to some limitations, to an OAS file in JSON or YAML format.

  1. In Design Center, after designing an API specification in RAML 1.0 or opening an API-based specification project based on RAML 1.0, select Files > Export.

    designer files drop down

    The Export files dialog appears.

  2. Expand to select the file format for export. For example, select

    export api dc
  3. In the export files dialog, name the zip file. For example, name the file

  4. Click Export.

    export name api

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