Export a Project to Studio (Design Center)

You can download the source of your Design Center project to a file. This file can then be imported into Anypoint Studio.

Anypoint Studio, the Eclipse-based editor for Mule applications, allows you to configure advanced options and edit the XML code of your application directly.

Note: Projects exported from Design Center are only supported by Studio version 7.x and later, which supports Mule runtime version 4.x.
  1. In Design Center, first make sure there are no errors marked in your project.

  2. Click the download icon export studio design center 24d8a and select Download Source.

    A .jar file containing your project is downloaded by your browser to the default location in your local disk.

  3. In Studio, make sure your installation is configured with your Anypoint Platform organization user and password. For this go to Preferences > Anypoint Studio > Authentication.

  4. In Studio, choose File > Import and select Anypoint Studio > Anypoint Studio Generated Deployable Archive.

    The project is now imported into Studio. You are free to work in it as you wish through Anypoint Studio.

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