FAQ: Design Center

  • Why is Test for testing a component configuration sometimes disabled?

    The test button is greyed out until the application worker is created. Connectivity testing requires a worker running in the background.

  • Do I need to upload a JDBC driver to connect to Oracle DB?


  • If a database is listed out of the box, why do I need to upload drivers?

    Due to legal restrictions, it’s necessary that you upload the driver. MuleSoft cannot distribute the drivers.

  • When using the FTP connector, I’m not able to connect to my computer as host, though I am able to connect with my locally installed Filezilla client.

    Mule Runtime isn’t able to connect to your local machine. Mule Runtime runs in a virtual worker on CloudHub. The worker’s local environment is the virtual machine itself.

  • Why does my app show up as Paused in Design Center but looks green when viewed in the Runtime Manager?

    The Pause option in Design Center doesn’t pause the CloudHub worker. Pause pauses the application that runs in it.

  • Why do I sometimes not see metadata listed on things in the flow?

    While the worker space is being created, metadata is not accessible. The processing of metadata can only be performed when the worker space is ready.

  • How can I unassociate a custom data type that has been set up in the Transform without needing to remove Transform?

    In Transform, select the tree root: payload, attributes, or vars (variables). Assuming you already assigned a custom data type, at the bottom of Input or Output pane, select Clear data type.

  • Can you use MEL expressions in Design Center?

    Yes, do not click Function f of x key. Wrap text in #[].

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